Hair Colouring

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What is hair color? Hair color is the pigmentation of the hair follicles due to two types of melanin. If more melanin is present, the color of the hair is darker. If less melanin present, the hair is lighter. Natural hair color can be black, brown, red, blond or white. Hair color can be changed by a chemical process.

Hair coloring is classed as permanent or semi-permanent. Permanent hair colour give the most flexibility because it can make hair lighter or darker as well as changing tone and color. Permanent hair color is the hair structure has been chemically altered. During the process, natural color is removed, one or more shades and synthetic color has been put in the place. Semi-permanent color wash out over 4 to 6 weeks. Semi-permanent color cannot lighten hair. Hair can only be lightened using chemical lighteners.

Our Pricing

Long or thick hair will be priced accordingly. Price does not include haircut and toner.

Root touch up

from $55.00

Partial highlights

from $80.00

Half highlights

from $95.00

Full highlights

from $120.00

Colour correction

$95 for one hour

Extra colour

from $25.00

Colour gloss

from $45.00


from $35.00

Partial highlights & haircut

from $130.00

Partial highlights & blow dry

from $110.00

Half highlights & haircut

from $145.00

Half highlights & blow dry

from $130.00

Full highlights & haircut

from $170.00

Full highlights & blow dry

from $150.00

Colour & haircut

from $105.00

Colour & blow dry

from $85.00

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